Astrology online prediction for this year

2016 is of year 9. 9 is for Mangal.

Aries - Mar 21-Apr 19

Eventful year. Source of weatlh will increase. Business will prosper. Gain thru women.
Victory over enemy. Take care in relationship and partnership. Take caution in health issues.

Taurus - Apr20-May20

Take precaution in career, finaancial losses may occure. Think before you speak.
Better prospect in Mar, June.

Gemini - May 21-Jun20

Good year specially 2nd half of year. Great year for relation., wealth, career.
Between Jan-May some obstacles will come. However in long run it will be good year. Period after May is good.
You may want to change place to gain health. Luck number - 5
Best month - May.
Lucky color - Green.

Cancer - Jun 21-Jul 22

Year will have mix result. Cash flow may be impacted. Loss may occur. In last part of year things will improve.
This is not good year for love and relationship. Avoid mis understanding.
Take care of health specially related to blood , breathing issue.
Lucky number - 2
Month - June
Color - White

Leo - Jul 23-Aug 22

For Leo this is mixed year. Leo will gain respect. However there will be back biting. For career it tough year.
Take care of domenstic issue. Avoid conflict in family.
15 Mar-15 Apr, July, Dec are not good month.
Best month - June,July.
Number - 1
Month - July
Color - Yellow, Golden

Virgo - Aug 23-Sep 22

Take care of health. There will be favor. But there will be some obstacles. Unexpected expenditure may occur due to false allegations etc.
Do righteous thing. In this case Shani will not harm.
for career - May, Sep
Feb, Mar,June, July are great month for career.
Health - May, Aug, Dec - take care. Remedy is to pacify Rahu and Shani

Number - 5
Color - Green
Month - July

Libra - Sep 23-Oct 22

It is great year. First half will be good. Till July you will get lot of happiness.
Income and expenditure might be impacted. Feb-March is good month for Finance. Jun-Aug 15 is great for job change.

Avoid long distance travel in May, Oct.
Number -6
Color - Light Blue

Scorpio - Oct 23-Nov21

If you are on rightous path - Shani will benefit you. If you are not on right path- Shani will give trouble this year and bring correction.
Jan-May period is not favorable.
Avoid conflict, avoid revenge.

Number -9
Color - Red

Saggatarrius - Nov 22-Dec 21

This year is favorable. There will be lot of opportunties.
Heavy expenditure.
If possible - go to pilgrimages specifically to Gangas.
Avoid long travel from Mid Aug to Sep.

Number -3
Color - Yellow

Capricorn - Dec 22-Jan 19

Good progress in this year. Source of income will increase.Avoid giving money to other.
2nd half of year will be wonderful.

Aquarius - Jan 20-Feb 18

Lot of happiness will come this year. This is favorable year.
First half of year is good. Oct is weakest month. Avoid travelling in June-July. Health will be good this year.

Pieces - Feb 19-Mar 20

financial opportunities will come this year.
Take care of health. There will be some delay in professional. However overall year is good for career.
Not a good year for travel.

Number -3
Color - Orange

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